Hashing is a mix of strenuosity and sociability, epicureanism and hard work. If you are looking for a refreshing escape from five days a week, a nine-to-five boring schedule then Hashing is an exciting, engaging mix of running, orienteering, and partying. A band of harriers and harriettes quest hares on six-to-eight miles-long trails throughout the area, town, and country. This is just a fun game of building friendships and having a good time together.

A typical hash day is a loosely-coordinated group of 10-40 men and women meeting weekly or biweekly to play the game of chase the hare. They follow different trails left by the hare, paper, chalk, or flour. The trails are always fun-filled and never recurrent. The harriers and harriettes run around the streets, back and forth alleyways. At times they also cross streams, climb walls, fences, and scale cliffs. These days the health-conscious hashers may avoid cold beer and instead drink water or diet sodas during the chase but at the trail's end, there is always a celebration and a party.

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