DC Hash House Harriers (DCH3)

If we look into the hashing history of the US, the first hash was started in DC in 1972 by Tumblin' Bill Panton. He now maintains the hash genealogy as he was the one who ran with the mother hash. The event was called, the DC Hash House Harriers (DCH3). DCH3 group is still in existence today and hashers take pride in being part of the DCH3.

DC Hash House Harriettes, and Harriers (DCH4)

Initially, DCH3 didn't allow women and it was also known as "the Men's Hash". It was only in 1978, when Naoe Hiruta, a stewardess with Cathay Pacific and an avid hasher arrived in D.C. from Hong Kong to pursue her studies. She began running with two of her friends in the DCH3 hash. She started running as their guest.

She hoped by running she would meet new friends and also be able to explore the D.C. area. Since the DCH3 Hash was open to men only, Naoe started her a new hash for both men and women to run together, the DC Hash House Harriettes, and Harriers (DCH4). It was initially a slow start but now DCH4 have over 1500 runs. They run at 3 pm on Saturday afternoons.

Great Falls, Virginia Hash (GFH3)

The Great Falls, Virginia Hash (GFH3) hash group was formed in May 1982. Great Falls boasts of having over 1400 runs. During spring and summer, they run on Wednesday evenings and during fall and winter on Saturdays.

Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers (MVH3)

The Dribbler and Snow Fairy in December 1985 started the Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers (MVH3). The first hash was a total disaster, attended by only eight people that even the neighbors of the hares refused to attend the second. Persistence pays and in May 2008, they had their 1100th run. They run at 10 am on Saturday mornings.

White House Hash House Harriers (WH4)

On June 23rd, 1987 the White House Hash House Harriers (WH4) was founded. The second largest Hash in the area is White House. White House has over 1200 runs. They run at 3 PM on Sundays at 3 pm around the year, and in summer on Monday evenings.

Over the Hump Hash House Harriers (OTH4)

On 19 March 1991, Over the Hump Hash House Harriers (OTH4) was founded. They run twice a week, at 2 PM on Sundays and at 7 PM on Wednesdays which is for adults only (17 years and above). They crossed their 1900th run in February 2009.

Everyday is Wednesday (EWH3)

In December 1999, Every day is Wednesday (EWH3) was founded. They now run on Thursday nights since they originally ran on Wednesdays the group has still held on to the name. They had crossed over 500 runs when they celebrated their 10th year anniversary in December 2009 and looking forward to celebrating their 20th this December.

Happy, Its Tuesday H3

In September 2002, Happy, Its Tuesday H3 had their first run. They have never run on a dead trail, they believe in running the trails "live" and run on Tuesday evenings. They've crossed more than 300 trails.

Smutty Crab H3

In December 2007 Smutty Crab H3 was founded in December 2007. They run on alternate Saturdays.

New Hashes

Recently, several new hashes have started in the area. Ladies only - Red Tent H3, the Emerald City H3. the Hangover Hash House Harriers (H4) for Sunday morning runs.