Are you now excited to be part of the chase? Become a Harrier/ Harriette? But don't know how to be part of the Hash groups. Can't understand which Kennel to join. Don't want to be one of the laid-back hounds. How do you become a part of the forerunners? But where do you start? How do you approach a Hare? We have solutions to all of these. Yes, you read it correctly. We will be there to let you have one of the best Hashing experiences as a first-timer. So what are you waiting for?

There is a new hash called the DC Full Moon (yeah, that's US!). We run once a month around the full moon. Our aim is to promote fellowship and cross-pollination of all hashes. So every Full moon each of the DC kennels takes a turn in sponsoring the event a year. This lets you experience the different flavors offered by each hash. So if you are in D.C. area - do not wait, get ready for the fun at the down-downs!